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Beck’s Cajun Cafe Has A Nice (Spice) Rack

Beck’s Cajun Cafe in the Reading Terminal and 30th Street Station is getting ready to head up to the Fancy Food Show at the Javits center in New York. Up there in New York City, Beck’s Kitchen Pantry will present its chef-inspired line of all-natural condiments and spices at the upcoming Fancy Foods Show in […]

The Owner Of The Company That Makes Sriracha Is Exactly How We Hoped He’d Be

David Tran, the LA-based founder of Huy Fong Foods Inc. — the people who make Sriracha , that so-called rooster sauce everyone loves so much — spoke to the LA Times about his spicy empire, and he was exactly how we dreamed he’d be. But first, we learned that the imitators and chip flavors can […]

Dept. Of Things We Found At Spring Garden Market: Xiao Meng Xiang Hot Pot Soup Mix

We’re lucky to live in a city with handy access to a variety of Asian supermarkets, where grocery shopping often doubles as full-immersion education, but by far our favorite is Spring Garden Market at 4th and Spring Garden. Of the ones we’ve visited in the city, SGM is the largest/cleanest/best organized, and its aisles are […]


Dept. Of Things We Can’t Disagree With: The Sriracha Food Pyramid

It seems the creator of The Sriracha Cookbook hit this one right on the head. Our only question is: exactly how many servings is in a “Fuck Yeah”? No matter how many it is, we’re totally fine with it. God bless that spicy rooster and his sauce.

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