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TV Programming Alert: Catch The Prime Rib On The Food Network’s Meat Men Tonight

Tonight at 11PM on Food Network, the new series Meat Men takes a look behind the scenes at The Prime Rib. The show, which follows wholesale meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda Jr. as he runs the business with his dad and cousin, will show LaFrieda and company, “gunning for the business of The Prime Rib.” Although […]

Food Porn: Dominic Episcopo’s Fine, Fine Meats

Dominic Episcopo has, for a few years now, been a photographer of some note in Philadelphia for both his editorial and commercial work. But this Friday, Episcopo steps out into a whole new realm with “Meat America,” his new show of photos at Bambi Gallery in Northern Liberties. For “Meat America” — which will also […]

How To Lose The Steak Wars: Not Paying Union Contractors Millions Is One Sure Way To Do It

All last week, we’d been hearing tell of an email circulating from a disgruntled local union employee to friends and certain members of local press, containing a fairly stunning charge: That the ownership behind Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse at 15th and Chestnut had stiffed union contractors to the tune of millions after the steakhouse […]


Rachael Ray On Barclay Prime: “HOW GOOD IS THAT?”

HI GUYYYYYYSSS! My new magazine is totally, like, the bomb-diggity! So, apparently, someone gave noted Phoodie anti-Christ/obvious terrorist Rachael Ray a magazine. We don’t know when this happened or what series of horrible, inhumane events had to take place in order for it to happen, but now she thinks she can publish things about real […]

Philly Replaces Cheesesteak With Steakhouse As Trademark Icon

Because Philly needs another steakhouse, uberdouche-y prime beef hut Del Frisco’s landed their spaceship in the Packard Building last night. We realize that the high of being a hot new culinary port would soon level off, but did it have to crash harder than a candy-flip? No one wants to be in the middle of […]


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