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Pizza And Beer; Together At Last This Sunday On East Passyunk Ave

What’s better than an East Passyunk Craft Beer Festival? An EPCBF plopped right on top of and East Passyunk Italian National Day Festival. Yup, to kick off Philly Beer Week, to celebrate “La Festa Della Repubblica” and to mark the opening of the History of Italian Immigration Museum, starting at 11am, the East Passyunkers will […]

Old City Night Market Tonight!

Do you like pork? Do you like eating standing up? Hows about those little paper boats? Throngs? Lines? Gluttony? Well then, tonight is your lucky night as the first Night Market of 2014 takes to Old City and sets up shop at 3rd and Arch, in front of the Old Quaker Meeting House that Betsy Ross […]

Here’s Some Good News: Farmer’s Markets Just Got Easier To Have

We love us some Farmer’s Markets. The $12 mushrooms, the tattooed guy behind the card table waiting for someone to ask him what’s so great about his roasted beans, that girl with the chunky glasses with a couple coolers full of raw goat’s milk and her aunt in the flowing crocheted sweater selling sandalwood soaps […]


Chocolate Shawarma Should Come To Philadelphia

Do you like gyros and chocolate and white chocolate and caramel and crepes and Israeli women who shave? Then this is the dessert you need to experience. In fact, we need to get this jawn somewhere up in this town. Solomonov, can you make a call? Additionally, we’re thinking the technology could be MacGyvered to […]

Reading Terminal Takes It Outside For 13th Annual Harvest Fest

This Saturday, the Reading Terminal Market is bringing you its Harvest Festival. They have lots of stuff planned, including a cooking demonstration with a real live Israeli Chef. “Closed to vehicular traffic for the day, Filbert Street will be filled with bales of hay and corn stalks, providing festival-goers with a near country experience.” Y’know, […]


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