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Snowy Weekend Recipe: Sweet Potato Bread

We had these sweet potatoes hanging around, and we were getting tired of roasting them! Even though roasted sweet potatoes are one of our favorite side dishes, we decided this time to make bread. This is an altered recipe of traditional banana bread from La Petite Brioche. You can get crazy with this if you […]

When Will The Miracle Berry Come To Philadelphia? And Will You Please Please Please Invite Us To Your “Flavor Tripping Party?”

Over the course of the last year, we’ve been hearing a lot about something called the Miracle Berry. The berry plant, which is native to Ghana, contains a certain kind of molecule called miraculin, which causes taste receptors to be bizarrely affected when the flesh of the fruit is eaten. Miraculin binds to the tastebuds and […]

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka: Lighten-ing In A Bottle

The need for a refreshing drink that will keep a zen-like smile on your face has long been sought after. And then, along came Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. The sweet tea transforms the vodka, like a party girl turned mom; here, the infusion of sweet tea lightens the heart of the hard liquor into a […]


And Now, Zoe Lukas’ Amazing Jack Daniel’s Cake

Zoe Lukas of Whipped Bakeshop has outdone herself again. After impressing us with her Obama cookies last year, we were blown away when we got a peek at her new Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Cake. The cake itself stands 18 inches tall. It’s chocolate-whiskey flavored and filled with caramel-whiskey buttercream. The whole thing is covered in […]

Tastykake Face-Off: The Battle Of The Brownies

Welcome to the second installment of Tastykake Face-Off, where Philadelphia’s hometown hero snack product goes up against the competition in a fight for top snack bragging rights. The winner will be carefully selected via analysis of several key criteria discussed below. Today it’s the battle of the brownies, as Hershey’s takes on the venerable Tastykake […]


How To: Make Rainbow Cakes, ‘Cos Funfetti Ain’t Got Shit On This!

That’s not so say that funfetti doesn’t brighten up an otherwise rainy Monday gloomfest,\. but for heaven’s sake, we challenge you to find a more cheerful confection. The best part is that we have the recipe and we’re sharing it with you now. If we band together, Philadelphia, we can make this gray city a […]

Hey Mister Softee: Shut The Hell Up! Or, This Moment In Philly Ice Cream History

Jeez, it’s warm out and, in theory at least, it’s only going to get warmer. Soon we’ll hear the haunting (but mostly annoying) siren’s call of Mister Softee, which not only warns of an impending zombie-esque horde of children but on some sort of subliminal level, the song tells us that spring is here and […]

La Bomba: Your Paella Is Not Paella Without It

We were lucky enough to check out an advance press dinner on Tuesday for Valanni‘s upcoming Forks & Corks/Paella & Wine dinner the other night, which we’ll be telling you a little bit more about closer to the event. But we feel we’d be remiss if we didn’t tip you off to a hot little […]

Smells Like Recession Cuisine: Salt Pepper Ketchup Coming Soon

We were cruisin’ around the ol’ YouTube, and we came across this, the trailer for Salt Pepper Ketchup, which bills itself as “the first Philadelphia Cart Cuisine Internet show!” Sweet! Coming Spring ’09.

No Christmas Eve Plans? Get Your Smelt On With The 7 Fishes

For reasons other than the obvious fun-factor of saying “fishes,” The Feast of the Seven Fishes is definitely a good time. The Southern Italian Christmas Eve tradition involves a briny, wine-filled multi-course dinner free of meat or dairy but packed with Mediterranean delights. Small guys of the smelt and sardine variety abound, as do all […]

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