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Suggested Field Trip: Krakus Market

Who needs Jax when you can do Polski Flips? (That’s what she said.) There is a stretch of promised land over in Port Richmond where it’s still permanently 1986. It’s a place where Bonk’s and Byrne’s serve up Maryland blue crab all year long, Port Richmond Books remains a towering wonder, and a corner store […]

Do You Sometimes Wonder What Life Could Be If Superfresh Wasn’t Awful?

Well then, come join us while we complain about the bread selection, the lack of bike racks, and anything else we can possibly think up that the supermarket of our dreams has, but the Superfresh does not.

Dept. Of Things We Found At Spring Garden Market: Xiao Meng Xiang Hot Pot Soup Mix

We’re lucky to live in a city with handy access to a variety of Asian supermarkets, where grocery shopping often doubles as full-immersion education, but by far our favorite is Spring Garden Market at 4th and Spring Garden. Of the ones we’ve visited in the city, SGM is the largest/cleanest/best organized, and its aisles are […]


Soon: Get Your Bottom Dollar Groceries

The way we live now: Bottom Dollar Food is making its Philly debut in the fall. The chain, found mostly in the south — North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, will open 21 stores in Philly and its surrounding counties. And with a name like Bottom Dollar, there’s no mistaking it: It’s a discount grocery store. You’ll […]

Your New Philadelphia Target Store: I’ll Take a Twelve-Pack of Boxer Briefs, and a Half-Pound of Bologna

Minneapolis-based Target has just announced that they’re going to start selling produce, fresh meat, and baked goods at 30 of their stores in the Philadelphia area. The P-Fresh or SuperTarget brands follow in the footsteps of other big-box stores such as the Wal*Mart Superstore and the failed K-Mart Foods to offer one-stop shopping (new genre: […]


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