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Philadelphia Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative Is A Good Thing

So Philadelphia has a thing called the Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative, which does, at first seem as oxymoronic as the boneless ribs they are trying to desalinate. The thing is, it might be working. But before all you libertarians get your Bloombergs in a twist, know that this is not a legislative measure. The city […]

Soon Says Lorenzo’s

While we’re still mourning the loss of Lorenzo’s Hall of Mirrors, we know that a plain-slice as big as our head isn’t far away. Lorenzo & Sons are shooting for a soft-opening soon, April 29th to be exact (Official opening day is May 3rd). And if the opportunity of blackout pizza isn’t enough, there’s going […]

Shake Shack Going All Starbucks On Us?

The Burger n’ Fries gods have spoken: “City of Brotherly Love, thou shalt have more Shake Shack!” You heard right folks. The nouveau and quirky small chain of Shake Shack, part of NYC restaurant guru Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, will be expanding their sweet and salty empire by adding two more locations in […]


We Are Both Delighted By And Wary Of The Mysterious Thing Called “Chinese 10-3″

For the last few weeks, many residents of Center City have come to find the above postcard in their entryways for something known simply as Chinese 10-3, a mysterious renegade delivery joint with no address announced but nonetheless promising delivery of pretty much any standard Chinese takeout dish you’d wish for. Operating exclusively from the […]

Zuppler Brings Supper to the Burbs

Starting mid-September, will allow its users to place delivery/takeout orders for a handful of restaurants in the Philadelphia suburbs. So if your favorite place doesn’t have delivery, Zuppler will give you an opportunity to not get off your ass and reach for your phone instead. In addition to assistance for a sedentary lifestyle, the […]


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