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Salted Plum Beer Not A Euphemism This Weekend At CoZara

Hey, can you hand pick some Japanese plums from a certain orchard and then soak them in a special sea salt called Mo-shio for like, six months, then can you add them to Hitachino Nest White Ale in order to create a Hitachino Anbai Plum Wheat Ale? Yeah, neither can we. In fact, almost nobody […]

Bar Ferdinand Offering Asian Inspired Tapas For Chinese New Year This Friday

Chef David Ansill – whose goofy mug makes us wanna go play hackysack on the quad – is quite fond of Chinese food and culture; so much so that this friday he’s offering up a special seven-course meal of Chinese inspired tapas: Bar Ferdinand’s Chinese New Year Menu Seven Courses for $45 per person (plus […]

Small Plates At The Devil’s Den Are A Big Hit

So, it’s the spooky season and we found ourselves at Target yesterday buying candy for the legion of Mutant Ninja Turtles and Harry Potters that were due to come a-knocking on Thursday. Last year, in an attempt to become a legendary folk-hero of the neighborhood, we purchased boatloads of full sized candy bars, which were […]


Hora De Feliz En Bar Ferdinand Es Muy Delicioso

So the Spanish do this thing after their siesta, they nosh. It’s called Merienda. In that tradition, Bar Ferdinand is offering some killer drink specials and small plates Lunes a Viernes from 17:00 a 19:00. It’s called the Mirienda 4 for 4 it offers an assortment of Vinos, Sangria, Cervezas and Tapas for $4. $4 […]

Gigi I Am A Fool Without A Mind

Shari Brodsky watches teevee sos you don’t have to. So funny story. I was watching the latest episode of Mystery Diners, 10:00 PM Wednesdays (Yes, I DVR Mystery Diners don’t judge me.) And then there are pictures of the Love statue and it turns out that Gigi, a tappas place on Market St. that boasts of […]


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