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Soft Shell Crab Tasting Menu At Matyson

Eating crabs is a little conundrumic. On one hand you feel a bit like a gluttonous regal as you methodically crack your way through swimmerets and claws and back fins, flecks of old bay and crab flesh dotting your rough hands; to your left an ever growing pile of crustacean husks stack up like vanquished […]

UPDATED: Bistrot La Minette’s Avergne Tasting Menu Today And Tomorrow Will Provide A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Tonight and tomorrow night, Bistrot La Minette is offering quite a deal. For just 35 clams, you can get yourself four courses of their regional Auvergne tasting menu. You want wine paired with that, just another 15 clams. That’s a pretty good deal for a french bistro, or a bistrot even. The Bistrot has a […]

Paramour’s Tuthilltown Spirits, Hudson Whiskey Tasting Is Just The “Out Like A Lamb” This March Needs

Coupla years ago, then Hudson Valley based houseguests brought us one of these smaller bottles of Tuthilltown Whiskey as a thanks for letting them stay in the Permanent Records Headquarters, Defacto Demo Recording Studio/Guestroom/Sex Dungeon, and though our tastes snobbishly ran toward the regions of the south where the bourbon is distilled by folks who […]


David Ansill, The God Of Lamb

Tomorrow at Bar Ferdinand, Chef David Ansill will be shepherding diners through a six-course Lambapalooza. Ansill will explore the Spanish inspired dishes of Lamb with his new multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu: Course 1 Lamb Tartare with Mustard Oil and Crispy Shallots Course 2 Crispy Lambs Tongue with Celeriac Puree Courses 1 & 2 paired with […]

You’ll Eat Your Liver If You Don’t Eat Mica’s Liver

The ease with which one can remain carnivorous may be inversely proportional to the amount of empathy one can muster. If you are like us, unburdened by such emotions, you’re gonna wanna make it out to Chestnut Hill tonight for the last evening of Mica’s Foie Gras tasting. On this All Hallow’s Eve, your liver […]


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