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Phoodie Test Kitchen: Mofongopalooza

Recently Jim, our baseball buddy and exotic but still American soil based traveller returned from Puerto Rico and all he could talk about was the side dishes, most notably, mofongo. It went like this, “Oh my god mofongo!” “What’s mofongo, some kind of firethrowing left hander with a high leg kick?” “No, It’s a starch, […]

Phoodie Test Kitchen: Beet Home Fries, Fried At Home, Homefry.

Last week we told you about the Beet Home Fries at East Side King in Austin, TX. These jawns seemed like a good candidate for the Phoodie Test Kitchen, so we gave ‘em a shot. The photos are in a nice little slide show right below. Two caveats: Salt and pepper these to taste, and […]

Test Kitchen: Avocado Kale Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Last week we posted an intriguing recipe for non-dairy Avocado Kale Ice Cream that we found whilst poking around over at Well we decided to take a stab at it and see if it did, in fact, taste as good as it looked in the picture. Below is the video proof of what happened. […]


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