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Get The Biz With The Industry’s New Spring Menu

A couple of months ago, eight of Philly’s food writers got together with Chef Pat Szoke at his restaurant The Industry. Szoke worked with the group to create 8 individual dishes based on each bloggers taste; from there diners voted on a favorite to become a permanent menu addition. And it looks like we have […]

Ole! A Little Bit Longer At Bar Ferdinand

Bar Ferdinand has been busy recently making some fiery upgrades, namely it’s new handmade wood-burning oven. In order to celebrate, Chef David Ansill has created a new late night menu. Ranging from dishes small and large, the menu is divided into three catergories- Tapas, Raciones, and Charcuterie & Cheeses. Late- night dining is now offered […]

Brooklyn Trial Proves That Mafia Really Just Comes Down To The Spaghetti and Meat Balls

Joseph Massino, a mob boss for the Bonanno Crime Family, has taken the witness stand in Federal Court in Brooklyn. The Bonannos are one of the five families that (allegedly!) control New York’s organized crime and this marks the first time that someone of Massino’s stature in the family is testifying for the government. However, […]


It’s Magic: Induction Powered Cereal Boxes And Self-Cooking Soup

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest technology trade show of its kind, took place last month, and probably pumped out a lot of new geeky tech stuff that we could post about. But since this is Phoodie, we had to post about this one. Fulton Innovation is experimenting with induction powered self-cooking […]

Triple Threat Detected On North Broad: Ready Your Bellies

Keep an eye on North Broad, folks. Restauranteurs extraordinnaires Marc Vetri (Vetri, Osteria, Amis) and Stephen Starr (please don’t make us list them all) and catering whiz Joe Volpe (Cescaphe, the Atrium at the Curtis Center, opening-soon Tendenza) have all signed on to open new venues at 600 North Broad Street, just north of Spring […]


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