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The Phoodie Challenge: Whosoever Among Us Shall Make The Manliest Grog?

“The word grog refers to a variety of alcoholic beverages. The word originally referred to a drink made with water or “small beer” (a weak beer) and rum, which was introduced into the Royal Navy by British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon on 21 August 1740. Modern versions of the drink are often made with hot […]

Reminder: The NoLibs BBQ Rib Cookoff is THIS SATURDAY

As we told youse before, the 2nd Annual Northern Liberties Rib Cook-Off is in full effect this Saturday behind A Full Plate on Liberties Walk. Sly Fox is gonna be there handing out suds, and we will gladly accept. This might be the last time you get to eat ribs outside until next May, so […]

2nd Annual Rib Cook-Off, NoLibs Style

It’s that time of year when BBQmasters have honed their grillskill and need to decide who rules them all. Is it you, Poindexter? We’ll find out on Saturday, September 13 behind A Full Plate Cafe. Coronation has not been complete, which means YOU CAN ENTER. Got a wild hair? There’s an ‘ANYTHING GOES’ category. Barbecue […]


The Tapas Challenge: For The Love of Jose Garces

How well do you know your tapas terms? For awhile it seemed that the small plates scene (Amada, Tinto, Bar Ferdinand) was losing steam. It was simple enough to fumble your way through some mezze and hope that your snack-size pairings would prove filling in the end. With more tapas bars in the making (Garces’ […]

Phoodie Summer Drink Challenge

Our headspace is already wrapped around liquid refreshment and so is yours. Your inner bartender longs for the chance to impress friends and family with that one alcoholic rabbit-out-of-the-hat we all got inside. Maybe you learned it from your drunk uncle after a game of Bocce, but you never gave him credit when you broke […]


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