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Get Your Street-Side Oyster House Clam Chowder On January 23rd!

As you all must know, National New England Clam Chowder Day is right around the corner and it is time once again to celebrate the familiar 500 year-old French soup. Before you celebrate, though, there are a couple of things to remember this year: first, never confuse Manhattan and New England clam chowders, especially in […]

It’s The Time Of The Season For Jersey Tomatoes at Kris

Chef Kristian Leuzzi, owner of Kris (1100 Federal Street), has designed a four-course menu to celebrate the Jersey tomato. The menu is $24 together, but diners can also go a-la-carte for $6 per dishes such as: >>>Salt Cod and Jersey Tomato Carppaccio with Pickled Red Onion >>>Jersey Tomato Bruchetta with Pan Seared Dry Scallop >>>Baked […]

Field Report: Tomato Time At Barclay Prime

Over the weekend, Chef James LoCascio introduced Branch Creek Farms‘ 28 year old strain of heirloom tomatoes at Barclay Prime in a little thing they’re calling Tomato Time. An assortment of 80 pounds of Sicilian Plums, Green Zebra, Pineapple, Purple Cherokee, Sun Gold and Tiger Striped tomatoes are picked on Thursdays and immediately delivered to […]


Object of Our Undying Affection: The Tomato

It’s official – we are totally obsessed with tomatoes. The summertime treat evokes a lot of local pride, and we consider ourselves lucky to have access to fresh, delicious Jersey Tomatoes throughout the summer. We feel even luckier to have tomatoes this year in particular, what with the well-documented late blight outbreak that has taken […]

Dear God, Anything But Tomato Blight!

Come this time of year, there may be nothing more de-lovely than slicing up a big, ripe — and importantly, ugly as all get out — Jersey tomato, adding a little fleur de sel, and going to town on that bad boy. But whether they’re grown in one’s own garden (you rule) or coming from […]


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