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Gift Ideas For Fellow Foodies. Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

We have developed a love for a few kitchen tools, that in our opinion, would make awesome gifts for your fellow foodie friends. Going in clockwise order, first we have a pepper grinder that we picked up the other day at Amy’s Place in the Reading Terminal Market. It’s a little guy but it’s strong […]

Seemingly Simple New Food Site Could Wind Up Saving Scores Of Long-Term Relationships

Have you ever considered calculating the time in your life you’ve wasted debating with your significant other(s) about what to eat for dinner? We have, and suffice it to say, we could have nabbed an MA in that time. (And have passed on meeting an endless parade of family members and co-workers, but that is […]

And Now, The Best Tip We’ve Seen In The Two Years Since We Made Our BBQ Tips Guide

It’s true: This might be the best tip since we did our BBQ guide two years ago! From the American English blog, we learn that the best way to clean your grill is… WITH AN ONION! We love it: “[...] get it nice and hot, then cut an onion in half and spear it, take […]


The Way Of The Future: Chefstack Promises 200 Pancakes Per Hour For All Your Pancake-Party Needs

Holy Pancake Robots!! We kind of can’t believe the Chefstack is real, but apparently, it is. The World’s First Automatic Pancake Machine uses a Teflon conveyor belt to spit out 200 pancakes an hour and form a neat pile of delicious. This little wonder costs $3,500 and is being marketed mainly to convenience stores and large-scale […]

Is Your Grills Down With The Phils?

For the tail-gator who simply cannot help spending themselves into oblivion, we now turn our gaze to this Phillies grilling set, which’ll set ya back $59.99, plus shipping. We hear it’s Bubba Burger-compatible.


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