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Top Top Chef Nick Elmi And FLOTUS Team Up To Show That Cooks Need To Know The Maths

Back in grade school when we were sure we already knew everything, we were quick to engage in the age old “Why am I being forced to learn this, I’m never going to need it ever again?” gambit. Our points were cogent, we often cited real-world sources and anecdotes and provided example after example of […]

In Memoriam: Phoodie Senior Teevee Correspondent Shari Brodsky, 1970-2014

Earlier this month we lost one of our own. Senior Reality Television Correspondent, and Junior Real-Life Sister, Shari Brodsky’s plate was cleared for the last time: Hi, how’s it going? On February 8th, my dear sweet little sister was bugled home to Jesus. She lost or perhaps won her battle with life and now there […]

Top Top Chef Nick Elmi Talks To Phoodie About Winning And Maybe Developing A Coke Habit And Going To Canada

Wednesday Night, Philadelphia’s Nick Elmi was crowned Top Top Chef. Phoodie’s Senior Top Chef Correspondent, Shari Brodsky spoke with him about the season in the swamp. Shari Brodsky: Congratulations and thank you. The city needed a win. Nick Elmi: (laughs) Yeah. SB: Reality TV, how real? I mean is there anyone whose persona is very different […]


Top Chef: NICK!

So for those of you living under a rock for the past four months, Top Chef has been airing on Bravo. Of note were two dreamy chefs from Philadelphia. Jason Cichonski and Nick Elmi It was like a fairy tale, or a bromance or a Massingil commercial or something Jason was eliminated in the second […]

Top Chef: A People’s History Leading Up To Wednesday’s Finale

With Top Chef New Orleans coming to a close and Local boy Nick Elmi in the finals, Shari Brodsky gives you a brief history of Philadelphia Top Chefs. Here’s what I can tell you about the contestants who battled on the first season of Top Chef. No one, not even Bravo, has a single fuck […]


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