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It’s Magic: Induction Powered Cereal Boxes And Self-Cooking Soup

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest technology trade show of its kind, took place last month, and probably pumped out a lot of new geeky tech stuff that we could post about. But since this is Phoodie, we had to post about this one. Fulton Innovation is experimenting with induction powered self-cooking […]

7-11 Dabbles In Veganism

It’s a little ridiculous, some of the things that people boast are vegan, like Oreos. Seriously? So, no animals, no dairy, but it’s cool to pump your guts full of fat and refined sugar? That’s not to say that all vegans believe in this, but we can count at least a handful that have brought […]

Welcome to the World of ‘Haute Stoner Cuisine’

This New York Times article


Was The Anderson Cooper 60 Minutes Segment On Chef Jose Andres The Death Knell For Molecular Gastronomy?

In case you didn’t catch it on Sunday night, here’s Anderson Cooper bowing at the altar Chef Jose Andres on 60 Minutes. While we admit we do like the sight of smoke coming out of Anderson’s nostrils, the piece overall confirmed some things we’ve been thinking about this whole molecular gastronomy thing for a long […]

Wait A Second, There’s No Booze In Root Beer?!?!

Recently, a few local breweries have started down a new, less boozie path by brewing root beer. There’s something wonderful about real root beer that can not be denied. On that same note, there’s something undeniably similar between the word “barf” and Barq’s. Anyway, Philadelphia seems to be embracing root beer with open arms; here’s […]


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