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TV ALERT: Suppa’s Chef Georgeann Leaming On Chopped Tonight

Liberties Walk’s newest restaurant Suppa’s Chef Georgeann Leaming will be competing on tonights episode of Chopped. Though we are no friend to reality TV, Chopped is one of the less infuriating of the cooking shows. Each bottle episode is takes a cohort of four chefs and pares ‘em down one at a time as they […]

Cake Boss Comes To Philly, Makes Cheesesteak Cake On Rocky Steps, Surprises No One

Shari Brodsky watches the teevee so’s you don’t have to. Do you know the Cake Boss? No, that’s Duff Goldman, my one time pretend boyfriend and the Ace of Cakes. I mean the Cake Boss. No? You know Buddy Valastro, right? He’s the petulant schmuck of a cake artist from Hoboken who was so bad […]

Top Chef: Is This Kosher?

Every week Shari Brodsky watches the teevee so’s you don’t have to. Top Chef is starting to live up to its name. The competition is getting steeper. We’re becoming familiar with not just the contestants’ style of food but also their process. Shirley gets loud, Stephanie stays focused, and btw has a wicked and dry […]


Top Chef: New Orleans Jazz Cook-Off

Every week Shari Brodsky watches the teevee so’s you don’t have to. The problem with trying to combine to art forms is that some work well together and others just don’t. This week featured New Orleans Jazz, an art form that goes well with a sloe gin fizz, it’s not one that lends itself to […]

Frankenfood Competition Wants To See Your Delicious Crime Against Nature

A few years ago a friend of ours handed us what looked like an apple. We asked him if a bite would be grounds for eviction from this paradise. As he surveyed his living room floor full of children’s toys and a 5 year old Black Lab that had been having some unspeakable lower GI […]


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