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The Search For Umami Pt. 3: Cafe Diem

Shola and Collin travel to the home of the soulful bowlful, Cafe Diem. Both of them are already on the Diem Team4Life, and they decide to let out the secret of the greatness to all of us. Serious soup beyond the click, and more badass photography.

The Search For Umami Pt. 2: Rangoon

In today’s edition of our ongoing series, The Search For Umami, Collin and Shola visit Rangoon. One of the most overlooked restaurants in the city, Rangoon has been the city’s only spot for Burmese food in the metro area for many years. Extreme deliciousness and badass photography follow the jump. Get in it.

The Search For Umami

In this new series on Phoodie, our very own Collin Flatt goes on the road with Shola Olunloyo of Studiokitchen fame to search for that elusive 5th taste, umami. Generally regarded as the ‘savory’ taste, umami can be found in anything that has deliciousness. The trip starts at Tastee D’s, the new Nigerian eatery in […]


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