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99-Problems But How He Likes His Steak Ain’t One

Coupla days ago, Shawn Carter and his lovely wife Beyonce Knowles-Carter began their 22 day vegan challenge. The day before the rapper’s 44th birthday he began what he calls a “Plant Based” diet. The challenge was suggested by personal trainer Marco Borges who’s website is about to sell untold JayZillions of dollars worth of bars […]

Today Is World Vegetarian Day

Today, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day or, as most in the world refer to it, Tuesday. The whole thing was started by the North American Vegetarian Society or “NAMBLA” back in 1977 in order to raise awareness. If you remember, those were bleak times for American vegetarians who in restaurants were often forced to […]

Lunch Break: Sex And The Single Vegan Edition

If this short video featuring Hollywood’s own Eric Roberts doesn’t make you crave ribs and shellfish, nothing will. Happy World Vegetarian day, y’all.


From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Turns Out PETA’s Wings Or Wangs Choice Is A False One

Proponents of a plant based lifestyle can present myriad legitimate and cogent arguments touting benefits that range from personal health to ethical cruelty reduction to the sustainability of the planet itself and it seems that our grandchildren, if not our children will be eating less meat and there may even come a time when our […]

Published Shoutout: Vedge Restaurant Is Apparently Sexy Enough For GQ

The playboys of Philly are probably rushing to the phones to put in reservations as this post is being written. Why, you ask? Well, 20-something-males’ lifestyle bible GQ has named vibrant vegan spot Vedge as one of its 12 Best Restaurants of 2013 in their March edition. Located in the Washington Square West neighborhood, veganites […]


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