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Attn. People Of Port Fishington And Surrounding Area: There Is A Pho Emergency

TO MY OFTEN-BESMIRCHED PEOPLE OF THE EAST: You may not know this, but the denizens of South Philly and West Philly — yes, your own friends, in all likelihood — talk a lot of smack about you. Oh, I can’t believe so-and-so moved up to Asperger’s Beardytown, they say, where there’s no decent Thai and […]

Field Guide: Banh Mi For Me And For You!

Vietnamese hoagies or “Saigon Subs” are a dark horse of Philly sandwich cuisine. This unique concoction is a result of French colonialism in the 1950s and 1960s, which mixed the liver-filled baguettes of the French countryside with the pickled vegetables and the tangy pork of Vietnamese cooking. During this pre-hoagie time, these sandwiches were sold […]


If you thought Chinatown was just for Chinese food, you are dreadfully mistaken, friend. Vietnamese restaurants have always had a strong presence here as well. You’re probably familiar with Vietnam, the longstanding, well-loved and well-reviewed restaurant on 11th Street between Race and Vine. (And if you haven’t, for the love of all that is right […]


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