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It’s The First Day Of Spring, Rita’s Is Freeta’s, Y’all

Though we are still firmly gripped by March’s lionesque claws, the lamby days are surely just around the corner. The Phillies are practically in free-fall already and though you may still be bundled like Ralphie’s little brother, you are still entitled to your free shit. Today between noon and nine, as they have done for […]

Rita’s Will Bring Their Delicious And Strange Water Ice To SoCal

In a move that makes a colossal amount of sense, Rita’s will be opening 40 locations in the Orange County area of California over the next few years. The delicious, and sometimes amazingly strange, PA chain will be making their move to a place where they can stay open year-round, which seems like a obvious […]

Rita’s PB&J Flavored Water Ice Has Us All Weirded Out

When we needed an icy, refreshing treat last week in the middle of a 90-degree afternoon, we (as many Philadelphians do) headed to the nearest Rita’s Water Ice. When we arrived and scoped out the flavor board, we saw “Peanut Butter & Jelly” listed among favorites like Mango and Root Beer (The PB&J flavor was […]


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