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Shorties Getting Shorties Get Short

Top that, Sheetz.

Right Now On Philebrity: Wawa Whoa

As you know, today Wawa can start using its AARP card. Over at dad’s house, They’re saying this about that.

McDonalds Testing Pad-Based Ordering System, Wawa Shrugs

So it turns out, McDonalds is testing a whole new kind of corporate-engineered-additctive-foodstuff-obesity-carcinogen delivery system. There’s this one MickeyD’s in Laguna Niguel,CA that cuts out much of the mouth breather experience. check it: You don’t just order your run-of-the-mill Quarter Pounder or Big Mac off an iPad but a “custom” burger topped with such un-McDonald’s […]


“The Wawa Way” To Hit Shelves In April 2014

With a release date of April 2014, we don’t suppose this book – available for preorder here – would be the ideal stocking stuffer, but come Pesach, were we to receive this tome in a basket with plastic grass and hollow bunnies, it would be our second favorite thing about that holiday, just a curly […]

Wawa Stores Everywhere Will Have Bakeries, Wawa In Florida Has Seating

We’re not even going to touch that second point because it just blows our damn minds that anyone has ever walked into a Wawa and thought, “This is great, but I wish I could sit somewhere on the premises,” but the new head honcho at Wawa is promising some changes. “Fresh baked rolls! … Mock […]


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