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From The Desk Of Molly Weingart: Drinking The Milk Of Almond Kindness

There are certain products that seem to just exist. Say cake mix. Until about five years ago, I totally thought that when one wanted to bake a cake, it was just about grabbing a mix and stirring. I didn’t think about the mix being made of specific ingredients. It was a process I didn’t give […]

From The Desk Of Molly Weingart: The Road To Wellness is Paved With Mad-Libs

It is 8:30am on a Wednesday morning. I have what you could call a post yoga glow or the cold that comes after sweat starts to dry after a vigorous yoga practice. Regardless, a shower is in my very near future. I put some ingredients in the blender, almond milk I made yesterday, roast beets, […]

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