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There Are No Rooms Available In Tuscany, But S’okay, Paradiso Brought The Wines Over Here

Wednesday, which is tonight, at 6:30, which is in a couple hours, Paradiso Wine Bar will be continuing it’s Drinking Italy tastings with the wines of Tuscany: This Wednesday, July 9, our popular Drinking Italy series makes its next stop in the culinarily rich region of Tuscany with three wines complemented by house-cured savory meats […]

Last Day For Half Price Tix To Old York Road Cellars Summerfest

Today is the last day to get yerself some $5 tickets for What Exit Wines and Old York Road Cellars‘ Summerfest 2014. This Saturday July 12th, from noon to 5pm, in Ringoes, NJ, there will be games giveaways and more, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Hometown Heros and Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund – […]

This July 4th Weekend, Be Like The Founding Fathers…Drunk

As you know, back in the day, water could freeking kill you, and so Philadelphia’s citizenry, from the lowliest poopsmith up to the signers alike, spent their days hydrated by ciders and grogs and clarets and all manner of EtOH. Also, if you’re planning on waging asymmetrical warfare upon the most well-equipped, highly trained fighting […]


Whining About Where Your Wine’s Whence Was

Y’ever been out celebrating with someone and when you say, “This is a big deal, we should open up a bottle of Champagne.” and they’re all, “Actually, that bottle you have is just sparkling wine because it’s from New York. You see, only sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France can be called…” and […]

Sugar Rush Dessert And Wine Tasting Fundraiser Will Fill Your Tummy And Your Soul

We love to send all y’all out for dinner. That’s a big part of our job. The only thing we might love more than that is to send you out for dessert and drinks which often are the money shots of the dinner anyway. Very rarely, we are in the position to cherry that sundae […]


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