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Dept. Of Yes, Please: Sancho Pistola’s Spicy Tuna Guac

You don’t even want to think about the things that can go wrong with tuna tartare, do you? When it’s done right, such as the Tuna Tartare at Parc, Philadelphia’s own Tuna Tartare of record, perfect and fresh and there on the plate like the World’s Most Elegant And Grown-Up Fruit Roll-Up, it is bliss. […]

Treat Your Mama (And Yo Self)

Do you love bacon? Do you love your mama? SoWe Bar & Kitchen chef Jenn Choplin does too and she’s celebrating with a “Mother’s Day Bacon Brunch” on Sunday, May 12th. (Don’t forget the date folks! It is Mother’s Day after all.) Alongside the traditional brunch menu, there will be several bacon themed dishes. Check […]

You Wish You Had This Dish: Xochitl’s Molcajete

It’s a hunka-hunka burnin’ love. Xochitl, consistently one of the more adventurous Mexican spots in town, just rolled out a little thing called a Molcajete, which is apparently made of volcanic lava and dreams. Sayeth the X: “Available in verde or roja sauce, the molcajete is a traditional mexican vessel carved out of volcanic rock […]


Pork Belly Confit Crème Brulée

Chef John Taus has struck a creative and techincally refined balance at Snackbar that has gotten the thumbs up from critics around town, and we think he’s a real swell guy. He spends his days watching The Price Is Right and his nights trying to elevate Pork Rinds to new heights. His very successful menu […]

The Best Fucking Chicken On Earth

That glorious mess you see above is the hard work of Marc Coates, Smokengrillenmaster at Bebe’s BBQ in the Italian Market. Really, it’s a gamechanger. We stopped by for a taste of the goodness, hoping dearly there might be some of his famed brisket left (Coates doesn’t make everything every day, just what comes in, […]


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